Technological Innovations


Due to the increasing demand in pilot training today, high-quality Fixed Base Simulators (FBS) are the smart SOLUTION to off-load training tasks at a low cost compared to an otherwise excessively expensive Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS).

Since day #1 of our project, we decided to have the full control of every single aspect of our product. We apply our intelligence and our agility every day to build an innovative product thanks to:

  • Original cockpit shells
  • Tailored Manufacturing Tools
  • Customized Electronic Design
  • Customized Software Solutions

As a result, VENYO can deliver a ‘Ready-for-Training’ 4-tonne B737NG Fixed Base Simulator

 – – – upgradable to MAX – – –

  • experience the Form, Fit, Feel and Function of a FFS without motion
  • coupled with a Q4 Services Collimated Visual System & RSi XT5 IG
  • under an ‘operating lease’ contract (‘Power-by-the-Hour’)
  • as part of an All-Inclusive Service which includes:
    (Update & Durability, Training & Support, Certification Support)