VENYO Investors

VENYO R&D programs and manufacturing processes have been financed by private shareholders and regional governmental subsidies. This twofold approach has been chosen to ensure continuity of deliverables and allows for loyalty to our intention to be a transparent and continual partner to our customers.

Our shareholders have been dedicated from day one to ensure sufficient resources to our innovative product development and now to our production line and delivery of the first commercial units. These investors are private individuals seeking gratification from private equity investment opportunities, and fully back the VENYO management strategy.

Our financial partners believe in the VENYO business model: installing commercial devices in our customers’ facilities, operated under a game-changing ‘Power-by-the-Hour’.

Both public regional entities and private banks are involved in structuring our financing, in the medium and long term, to ensure ongoing support in our business objectives.

For enquiries you are welcome to reach out to:

Ask for Gregory Bronchart.